Large Cap Equities
Clients appreciate Access low impact execution, especially on trades that represent a large part of a names daily volume. The large cap desk understands the objectives for each trade, and then personally manages that trade to achieve these goals.

Small Cap Equities
The personalized trade management that Access provides is especially valuable with sensitive, thinly traded issues. Our desk maintains a wide network of contacts within the small cap universe, and monitors liquidity to advise clients of market opportunities. At the request of the client, we make markets in NMS Small Cap, OTCBB, pink sheet, and listed securities in the third market.

Our professionals are skilled at developing and implementing the total range of available derivative strategies. We can help you evaluate alternatives in both single stock and indexed products to complement your specific investment objectives. The options and futures specialists at Access can help you successfully navigate these markets.

Global Securities
Access Global provides clients with around the clock coverage. Our desk has expertise with all major global markets. We trade all classes of securities both on local markets and as ADRs.

Access years of experience and comprehensive array of connections are critical to its superior execution in the convertibles market. Our team maintains an extensive network of industry contacts - both institutional investors and street brokers. We track daily price movements, alerting clients to potential opportunities. Based on your individual needs, we will keep you up-to-date with news and price action relevant to your holdings and prospective investments.

Event-Driven, Special Situation Equities Investing
Our emphasis is on equity special situations, consisting of spin-offs, IPOs, restructurings, turnarounds, recapitalizations, activist situations, merger integrations, stub trades, companies that are evaluating their "strategic options", etc. (essentially, we define a special situation as whatever changes the face of the company going forward). We primarily focus on domestic equities, with opportunistic investments in overseas markets. We target situations with tangible, value-creating catalysts that have recently occurred or that are expected to occur within 2 to 12 months.